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In Link Bulletin 


1. Dear Parents

This term marks the final term for the year, and the last term before the school embarks on a new chapter as a merged school next year. We are proud of the school history and would like to thank all parents for the strong support towards our effort in providing a holistic education for the pupils. We look forward to WSPS 21st Anniversary celebration – a key milestone in which we will be celebrating this term. With your continuous support, we are confident that WSPS will soar to reach greater heights in providing quality education for the many years to come.

2. WSPS 21st Anniversary cum Children’s Day Celebration (Thursday, 04 October 2018)

As stated in our In-Link Bulletin (dated 13 August 2018), our school will be celebrating her 21st anniversary during the HeArts Shine Fiesta in conjunction with the Children’s Day celebration on Thursday, 04 October 2018. Our school will function as per normal school hours starting with the Children’s Day concert at 7.45am. Thereafter, HeArts Shine Fiesta will start at 10.00 am and end at 2.00 pm. Pupils are encouraged to wear red top with school shorts or skirt and are to bring a small bag and water bottle. 

As a gesture to mark this special occasion, every pupil will each be given a $10.00 coupon free of charge. Primary 6 pupils will receive the coupons on 25 September 2018 while the rest of the levels will receive theirs on 01 & 02 October 2018. Additional coupons can be purchased on the day of event. Please note that the purchase of food and drinks at the school canteen will be by cash only. 

Due to limited space, parking within the school compound will not be permitted. Parents can make use of the public car parks nearby. As buses from Coral Primary School will be picking their pupils at around 1.30 pm, parents who drive to fetch their children would only be able to drive into the school compound after 1.45 pm.

3. Rallying Together – Providing a Conducive Environment for P6 Pupils during the PSLE

The school hall will be used for the PSLE Written papers from Thursday, 27 September to Wednesday, 03 October 2018.

To reduce the noise level and provide a more conducive environment for our graduating pupils during the PSLE, we strongly encourage pupils from P1-P5 to bring packed food from home for recess during the above mentioned period. For pupils who are unable to do so, arrangements will be made for them to purchase food from the canteen which will be packed for their convenience. 

Pupils will eat their food in the classroom and can engage in recreational activities such as playing of board games. We hope that parents will rally together and support us in the matter.

4. White Sandians – Our Pupils, Our Pride

We would like to congratulate our pupils for displaying the value of Excellence in CCA. We thank all parents and staff for contributing to their success.

National Photography Festival, Photography Competition 2018

Group Special Mention Award

Emilia Maisarah Binte Mohd Farabi (Pr 5C)
Jasper Tan Yong Ern (Pr 4E)
Lee En-hao (Pr 5A)
Tao Xuan Qi, Trisha (Pr 5C)

Info-Comm Club: 4th National Coding Competition 2018

Gold Award

Silver Award

Aron Raman (Pr 4E)
Mahira Yazmin Khan (Pr 3E)
Toh Yong Tiam Wayne (Pr 5A)

Leong Wen Xuan 6A
Jaris Ahmad Bin Jumaat 6D
Xavier Ong Qixuan 4C


National Cub Scouts Gangshow Competition (Gold Award)

Akela Award

Alysia Moey Shi Lin (Pr 3C)
Ankita Arun (Pr 5B)
Boyce Ang Kok Hong (Hong Guo Feng) (Pr 4C)
Choy Yong Yee Casper (Pr 3C)
Gastador Jed Fernandez (Pr 4D)
Isaac Lee Jia Rui (Pr 3C)
Jerry Li (Pr 4C)
Tharushi Vimarsha Vithanaarachchi (Pr 5D)

Amritpal Singh (Pr 6A)
Ayush Patil Rahul (Pr 6D)
Goh Jia Xuan Trixie (Pr 6B)
Harith Danish Putra Juraimi (Pr 6D)
Jana Jeremy S/O Sukumaran (Pr 6D)
Megdelene Moey Shi Hua (Pr 6A)
Nanthan Sivapragas (Pr 6B)


Inter-School Futsal U10 Futsal Challenge (Silver)



Haziq Anaqi
Elfan Daniq
Raj Saminathan

Remy Razali
Norafiq Eindra
Azirul Aziq
Xavier Ong
Musta’in Hizahar
Sun Zizhuo
Hamzah Rais

5. Major Events and Holidays for Term 4




Thursday, 27th  September – Wednesday, 03rd  October

PSLE Written Examination

Normal school hours for P1-P5 pupils. P6 pupils to follow PSLE time-table issued earlier

Thursday, 4th October

WSPS 21st Anniversary cum HeARTS Shine Fiesta & Children’s Day Celebration

School will operate as per normal school hours

Friday, 5th October

Children’s Day

Scheduled School Holiday

Monday, 8th October – Friday 12th October

P2-P5 SA2 Oral Examination

Refer to letter on Assessment Information to Parents for details

Monday, 15th October – Thursday, 18th October

PSLE Marking Exercise

Scheduled School Holiday

Monday, 22nd October – Tuesday, 30th October

Primary 1 Term Test
Primary 2 - 5 SA2 

Refer to letter on Assessment Information to Parents for details

Tuesday, 6th November


Public Holiday

Friday, 9th November

School Marking Day & 2019 Primary 1 Orientation

Pupils do not need to report to school

Thursday, 15th November

Promotion Day

Details will be provided later

Friday, 16th November

Prize Giving Day

Ng Teng Joo

Vision – A Vibrant School of Choice where Character Shines and Talents Soar
Mission – To Nurture Caring Hearts, Creative Minds and Confident Individuals
School Values – Care, Respect, Responsibility, Resilience, Rallying Together and Excellence (C4RE)