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In Link Bulletin 


1. Principal-Designate

Parents were informed about the school merger between White Sands Primary School and Coral Primary School one year ago (dated 20 April 2017). We have also kept all updated through the January In-Link bulletin that our school will retain her name upon the merger wef 02 January 2019. 

Please be informed that the Ministry of Education has appointed Ms Audrey Wong Lin Lin as Principal-Designate of the merged school. Ms Wong who is currently the Principal at Chongzheng Primary School will be officially posted-in to White Sands Primary School on 15 December 2018.

2. White Sandians – Our Pupils, Our Pride

We would like to congratulate our former and current pupils for achieving outstanding results in the various domains. We also recognise that these achievements have been made possible because of the strong support from all parents and staff. 

Non-Academic Domain

2018 East Zone Inter-Primary School Football Championships

Senior team


2018 East Zone Inter-Primary School Netball Championships

Senior team

Top 8 position

2018 National School Games Sailing Championships

Zach Low Yu Jie

Top in Optimist Junior Boys

(Green Fleet)

Seth Low Yu Herng

Top in Optimist Junior Boys

(White Fleet)

2018 Aesthetics SYF Arts Presentation


Chinese Dance


International Dance

Malay Dance

Certificate of Accomplishment


Certificate of Commendation

  • We would also like to congratulate the following pupils, who were in Primary 6 in 2017, for being awarded the Scouts Akela Award, the highest award for a cub scout.
    • Joel Satria
    • Fong Jun Ray
    • Dennis Toh
    • Chew Zhen Yu
    • Gabriel Ling
  • Our former pupil, Kolin Lui Kai Ling, who was in Primary 6 in 2013, has been accorded the St John Brigade Chief Commissioner’s Badge. She is currently studying at Pasir Ris Crest Secondary School

Academic Domain

Outstanding Achievement in the 2017 GCE ‘O’ Level Exams

Name of Student

Name of School

Arman Ahmad Khan

Lee Ken Young

Pang Hwee San Shamine

Tan Bingxue Gerard

Ngee Ann Secondary School

Lee Ethan

Meridian Secondary School

Lee Jun Ting, Giovanni

Maris Stella High

Outstanding Achievement in the 2017 GCE N(T) Level Exams

Muhammad Farhan B Samsudin

Muhammad Rhaiyan B

Ryan Jack Kendall Sharmila Bte Muhammad Fahmi

Meridian Secondary School

Temasek Junior College Academic Excellence Award (IP1) for outstanding results at 2017 PSLE

Lee Li-Anne

Temasek JC

3. Parent-Teacher Conference

The school will be holding the Parent-Teacher Conference on Friday, 25 May 2018. This session aims to provide you with a better understanding of your child’s development and progress in school. Booking for the Parent-Teacher Conference will be made online. Details will be issued separately.

4. Schedule for Release of Exam Scripts and Reports Books

The schedule for the release of the marked exam scripts for SA1 and report books is as follows: 

Release of marked exam scripts to parents

Friday, 18th May 2018

Return of marked exam scripts to teachers

Monday, 21st May 2018

Release of report books to parents:

  • Not attending the Parent-Teacher Conference
  • Attending the Parent-Teacher Conference

Thursday, 24th May 2018

Friday, 25th May 2018

Return of report books to teachers

Monday, 25th June 2018

We seek your understanding should there be any changes to the above-mentioned schedule due to unforeseen circumstances. Parents affected will be kept informed of the changes, if any, through our school’s message notification system (SNAC).

5. Attendance in School

We would like to remind parents of the school’s policy on attendance during term time (including days of assessment). Details are found on pages 12 and 23 in the Pupil Handbook 2018. Parents should refrain from taking their children overseas for holidays as the school does not encourage extended holidays / vacation during the term time. Absence during assessments must be covered by a medical certificate issued by a registered medical doctor.

6. Gifted Education Programme (GEP) Identification Exercise 2018

The GEP Screening and Selection Exercises will be based on the Primary 1 to Primary 3 English Language and Mathematics syllabuses. The tentative schedule for the two stages of the GEP Identification Exercise 2018 is given below:
GEP Screening Exercise (English Language and Mathematics) – Friday, 24 August 2018
GEP Selection Exercise (English Language, Mathematics and General Ability) - Tuesday & Wednesday, 16 and 17 October 2018. Only shortlisted pupils will be invited to participate in this exercise.

7. Giving S.P.A.C.E to build Resilience

As we progress to the middle of the academic year, some of the pupils may need help in managing the various activities they are undertaking. The guide below can help parents in having conversations with their children on this matter and assist in building resilience amongst our pupils.





·         Be willing to listen

·         Provide positive feedback and support

·         “Tell me more…”

·         “Your thoughts matter.”


Problem- Solve

·         Reflect on problems, issues and setbacks together

·         Guide them to develop alternate plans

·         “What have you done before that worked?”

·         “Let’s think of what we can learn from this…”



·         Be specific with praise

·         Acknowledge strengths and efforts

·         “Good effort! How did you do it?”

·         “I see you are good at…”



·         Spur them on for renewed efforts

·         Celebrate all successes, even small ones

·         Share inspirational stories of resilience

·         “Thanks for…, it really made a big difference.”



·         Provide them with opportunities to take risks and experience challenges

·         Allow them to voice their ideas and make decisions

·         Let them take responsibility for their plans and actions

·         “We can try your suggestion.”

·         “How would you like me to support you?”

Source: Guidance Branch © 2017 Guidance Branch, Student Development Curriculum Division (SDCD), MOE)

8. Major Events and Holidays for Term 2




Monday, 23rd April -  Thursday, 3rd May

SA 1 Oral P3-P6

Please refer to the handout titled Assessment Handout given in January 2018 (P2-P6) & March (P1)

Tuesday, 1st May 2018

May Day

Public Holiday

Monday, 7th May – Wednesday, 16th May

P1-P2: Term Test

P3-P6: Semester Assessment 1


Friday, 25th May

Parent-Teacher Conference

For all grade levels. Details will be given separately.

Saturday, 26th May 2018 – Sunday, 24th June 2018

Term 2 Vacation

Ng Teng Joo

Vision – A Vibrant School of Choice where Character Shines and Talents Soar
Mission – To Nurture Caring Hearts, Creative Minds and Confident Individuals
School Values – Care, Respect, Responsibility, Resilience, Rallying Together and Excellence (C4RE)