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White Sands Primary School will be adopting a smartphone communication app called
SNAC (School Notification Acknowledgement Console) for all parents with effect on 31 March 2015.
This is to replace our existing SMS and paper notification system.

You will be able to download the app from the links below.

en_app_rgb_wo_60.png     Available_on_the_App_Store_(black).png

With SNAC, parents will receive PDF attachments, multilingual message notifications and event notifications such as e-consent form from the school. This app will allow the school to receive your feedback response in real-time, tracks notification read/unread status and takes proactive measure to contact you on
emergency matters if should the notification does not reaches you within the stipulated time.

However, we understand that a small minority may not own a smartphone, subscribe to a data plan or have Internet access at home. Thus, the school will still continue to send updates to you via mobile SMS.

The school strongly encourages and looks forward to your support on implementing this system, so that to allow the school to foster a closer communication bridge with you and as well as an overall improvement on effective communication and operation efficiency to serve you. 

For more information on SNAC and setting up your accounts, please download the manual here: 

 or email our vendor for support at snac.support@apptitude.sg

(Update as on May 2017) Please refer to the following guides to enable notifications for SNAC on your smartphones.