Malay Language

Key Programmes

star.gif Malay Reading Programme cum Young Reporters Club

The Malay Reading Programme is designed to extend pupils' reading experience and provide opportunities for reflection. Pupils are exposed to a variety of printed and online reading materials. Besides, selected upper primary pupils form our Young Reporters' Club (Kelab Wartawan Cilik) where thematic in-house publications are printed for school-wide read. Exposure to newspaper articles and excerpts from magazines enhances their awareness on the current global happenings. These different approaches of reading activities will positively impact their overall language competency, including writing, speaking and listening.

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star.gif Malay Language and Cultural Camps

Language and Cultural camps are organised for upper primary pupils to provide an immersive environment for the learning of the Malay Language. Interesting activities, eg learning journeys to places of interest that are rich in the Malay Culture are organised as part of the camp programme to promote interest in the learning Malay Language.

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