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Principal's Message


As we move into the new year with refreshed hopes and aspirations, let us also remind ourselves to always see the ‘possibilities’ amongst the ‘impossibilities’. The past two years of  living with the Covid-19 pandemic has certainly taught us the importance of being positive, having hopes and creating possibilities. 

Our vision, “Every White Sandian, a success story” espouses ideas of being positive, having hopes and creating possibilities. The success story in White Sands Primary is not an outcome but about a journey of learning, growing and excelling together as a school community. It is about having a growth mindset to support a positive school environment to bring out the best in each and every of our students and staff. 

With the changing future landscape, it is vital that we equip our students with the necessary skills required to prepare them well for the future. Our mission, “To nurture passionate learners with exemplary character who lead with a heart and contribute to society” explains our pursuit in four key areas. ‘Passionate learners’ is necessary to build the foundational knowledge, critical and creative thinking skills for our students to extend their future learning. ‘Exemplary Character’ anchors on values necessary to imbue our students with the qualities such as resilience, compassion and adaptability. ‘Lead with a heart’ highlights the role of service in a leader grounded in character and the right values. Lastly, ‘Contribute to society’ will help our students develop a greater sense of purpose through contributing and making positive differences to the lives of people around them. Guided by our mission, we hope that our students will grow to be confident and caring youths who contribute positively to the community and beyond.

Parents are the first educators of the children and our key partners to develop the values and character in our children. Based on Daniel Kim’s core theory of success, a rise in the quality of relationships will lead to an improved quality of thinking, leading to an increase in the quality of actions and results. Achieving high-quality results has a positive effect on the quality of relationships, creating a reinforcing engine of success. This means that strengthening the school-home partnership through trust and communication will enhance this quality of relationship and bring about a positive impact in the development of our children. 

I hope that all White Sandians will continue to harness the growth mindset so that they would always see possibilities even in the most dire situations and develop their own success stories. As our motto beckons us, we will Learn, Grow and Excel together!

Your partner-in-education,

Ms Audrey Wong
White Sands Primary School