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School Crest And Motto

School Crest

tn.wsps_logo(small size color).jpg.2.jpg

   WS in red symbolizes vibrancy and the pursuit of academic  excellence. 
The beige background symbolizes the vast expanse of  knowledge within every child's reach.
The rising sun symbolizes the school's aspiration to rise to the top.
    The lettering (White Sands Primary School, Caring Diligent Loyal) in  blue
symbolizes unity and racial harmony.
The curved lines represent a well-rounded education.
The waves symbolizes the changes that are constantly before us
and the school's ability to cope with and lead these changes.

School Motto

Caring, Diligent and Loyal
Underlying our school motto is our belief that every pupil and teacher
should be part of a caring community, be diligent in order to realize his/her potential
and develop a deep sense of loyalty to the nation, school and family.