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School Crest and Motto

School Crest

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Central to the crest is the design of people arising together. It signifies how the school partners the students, staff and community in soaring to greater heights. The broad white curves symbolise the waves, a feature that is symbolic of the coastal location of both Coral Primary School and White Sands Primary School. The thin red line symbolises the outline of a book where there is passionate learning of knowledge, skills and values. Together, they signify the school as the gateway in delivering quality education to our students and helping them to ride the waves of opportunities and challenges.

The inner ring encapsulating the design portrays a well-rounded and holistic education while the outer ring is symbolic of the continual learning and growth taking place in the school in the spirit of excellence.

There are four colours in the school crest, each with significant meaning. Blue conveys strength and steadfastness; White is the colour of purity and new beginnings while yellow represents hope and enlightenment. Red denotes passion and vibrancy in pursuit of excellence. Together they lend themselves to the notion of a bright future.

School Motto

The school motto of “Learn Grow Excel Together” represents the rallying together of students, staff and stakeholders to learn and grow to bring out the best in everyone’s potential.