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Vice-Principals' Message


As the saying goes, “The struggles that we face today is developing the strength we need for tomorrow.” Hence as we usher in the New Year 2022, let us stay positive and optimistic that the lessons and skills we learnt and acquired will position us well for the next trajectory of growth.

I am proud that as a school and a nation, we have kept learning going for our students.  I am also glad that we have stood shoulder to shoulder with our parents and stakeholders in these trying circumstances. Thank you very much for your strong and unwavering support and belief in us!

While Covid-19 has thrown us some challenges, we have worked around them to endeavour to make learning fun. Since last year, White Sands Primary has embarked on Play Pedagogy as a teaching approach to make learning more meaningful and customized for our students. As a result, learning is more differentiated, meaningful and inclusive.

This year, our Applied Learning Programme (ALP) in Coding and Computational Thinking will be extended to four levels of Primary 2, 3, 4 and 6 students where we will develop in them the digital readiness and creativity using tech tools such as Scratch 3.0 and Micro:bits. Besides nurturing White Sandians to be creative problem solvers with computational thinking skills, we also aim to develop our students in the 21st CC skills.

Through these exciting programmes, we hope our students will be socially adept in forging new friendships, able to communicate well with one another and adjust to the ever changing environment. Indeed, these are essentially the social emotional learning competencies and skills that would enable them to navigate in an increasingly VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) environment.

While we are not out of the woods yet where Covid-19 is concerned, we are confident that with the strong support of our SAC members, parents and teachers, we would be able to make the White Sandian experience a joyful one.

Together, we will learn, grow and excel together.

Your partner-in-education

Mrs Evelyn Tay
Vice Principal
White Sands Primary School
Rezina 2.png

Anatole France once said, “Nine tenths of education is encouragement.” As we grappled with yet another year of Covid-19 pandemic in 2021, we all had to react to the evolving situation constantly. We had to implement Safe Management Measures and adjust school programmes in order to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all students and staff. The focus was on ensuring effective learning and curriculum continuity as well as working with and gaining the trust of parents to overcome the various challenges. I am proud that our staff and students had risen to the occasion and adapted to the situation very well.

I am also heartened to see the various instructional programmes which went on smoothly with various ways of teaching and learning despite the challenges. There was a plethora of activities to enthuse the students during Reading Week as teachers and students participated in literary activities. The Reading Rocks initiative by both the English Language and Mother Tongue Language Departments took centrestage as students immersed themselves in various storybook adventures! White Sandians also engaged themselves in authentic multicultural learning opportunities to experience the rich and diverse cultures during the annual Mother Tongue Languages Fortnight.

Our teachers strived to continue to provide a holistic education to all students through innovative ways of organising school programmes and activities. Our Primary 5 students embarked on a series of team-building and outdoor challenges during their camp experience. Based on the theme of ‘Resilience through Adversity’, the students learnt to build resilience, confidence and camaraderie amongst themselves. Our P4 students also had the opportunity to learn new skills and there was much excitement as students indulged in robust activities. Such experiences provided students with the opportunity to gain both self and social awareness, build teamwork, resilience and leadership to accomplish challenging tasks. Our CCAs had also managed to offer e-CCA to the students in various forms and the feedback from both teachers and students was very encouraging. The inculcation of values and SEL competencies were evident throughout these experiences. 

In White Sands, we also strive to promote Positive Education by inculcating the Growth Mindset amongst our students. In order to nurture self-confident students who learn for life, we had introduced Growth Mindset with 4 sub themes- Positive Language, Power of Yet, SMART Goals and Gratitude. White Sandians began their 'GROW with me' journey with our very own Care Squad and Professor Brainy as icons that personify Growth Mindset. We fervently hope to continue to strengthen and deepen our P5 and 6 student’s acquisition of skills and knowledge through the ‘Resilient Achievers Programme’ (RAP) and introduce the P3 and P4 students to the ‘Responsible Achievers Programme’ (ReAP) this year via a myriad of initiatives.

We will continue with our best efforts to provide a quality education and school experience for all our White Sandians. We will forge ahead to realise our school vision of every White Sandian a Success Story through a forward-looking balanced and holistic education, a vibrant learning community with a caring culture, close collaborations with our parents, stakeholders and partners and continuous staff professional development.

Moving forward in 2022, while we continue to be vigilant against Covid-19 and observe safe management measures, we will equip students with stronger sense of values, resilience and skills with greater emphasis on mental health and peer support as well as cultivate a growth mindset in every White Sandian. With optimism, let us look forward to a good year ahead and embrace all the challenges with confidence, steadfastness and fortitude.

Together, we will learn, grow and excel together.

Your partner-in-education,

Ms Rezina Khan
Vice Principal
White Sands Primary School