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Vice-Principals' Message


The successful and smooth merger last year has harnessed the strengths of the respective schools in curriculum and co-curriculum areas. It also brought together the collective wisdom and professionalism of the staff that have nurtured many students successfully.

2020 marks a refreshed and renewed phase where as a school, we chart new direction and craft our new vision and mission statements collectively as a school. In having done so, it provides our staff with the vantage point in viewing the opportunities and challenges that come along. 

Amidst these opportunities and challenges, our students need to be socially adept in forging new friendships, able to communicate well with one another and adjust to the new environment. Indeed, these are essentially the social emotional learning competencies and skills that would enable them to navigate in an increasingly VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) environment.

While we place emphasis on academic learning, character development plays an equally important part, if not more, in ensuring that our students are self-disciplined individuals. The C4RE values of Care, Respect, Responsibility, Resilience, Rallying Together and Excellence have been infused across the total curriculum in the cognitive, physical, emotional and social domains. Through all these diverse learning experiences, our students will be inculcated with the right dispositions and attitudes who are well-poised for the challenges of the future.

As we embark on the next phase of growth at White Sands Primary School, we aspire strengthen the character building of students to allow them to contribute meaningfully to the community. We are confident that with the strong support of our SAC members, parents and teachers, we would be able to make the Whitesandian experience a joyful one.

Together, we will learn, grow and excel.

Your partner-in-education

Mrs Evelyn Tay

Vice Principal

White Sands Primary School

Rezina 2.pngIt is my greatest pleasure to be joining White Sands Primary School this year. I am very heartened by the warm and inviting environment that the school exudes.

2020 marks a new beginning for me and I am indeed looking forward to work with dedicated, innovative and caring staff and students.

It is the hope of every educator to be able to help our students achieve in life based on their own talents and strengths. I also believe that we must have the passion in what we do in order to help us overcome challenging times and eventually lead us towards betterment and excellence. 

There is no end to learning. My vision for all White Sandians is to help them to pursue their passion, to realize their potential and continue to provide them with various opportunities to fulfil their dreams. By building on a rich holistic curriculum, nurturing environment with a strong sense of community and inspiring staff with a commitment to values education, I hope that White Sands Primary School will better prepare our students to become strong participants in the community and the world around them.

I envisage that White Sandians would be able to set their own goals beyond the academic area, and strive hard to excel in life. I would like to see every pupil develop sound character and leadership qualities which are anchored by the 6 school values- Care, Respect, Responsibility, Resilience, Rallying Together and Excellence, so as to better prepare them for the future. As Martin Luther King, Jr. puts it – “Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education.”

It is a privilege and an honour to be a part of the White Sands family that is committed to nurture passionate learners with exemplary character who lead with a heart and contribute to society. Together with our teachers, parents, community partners and stakeholders, I look forward to a journey of helping our students discover and fulfil their dreams so that each of them is a success story.


As our school motto emblazons, we will Learn, Grow and Excel together!

Your partner-in-education,

Ms Rezina Khan

Vice Principal

White Sands Primary School