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Our Pupils, Our Pride

21 March 2018

A group of prefects that was on duty during recess always encountered a similar problem - some balls would remain lying around the field or the basketball court after recess. The prefects brainstormed during the Prefects’ Meeting on how to solve the problem. They decided to proactively pick up the loose balls to set the example for others to follow. Subsequently, their kind act was noticed by the students who borrowed the balls and they too began to be more responsible for their own actions. The teachers too noticed fewer balls were left lying around. Well done Prefects! You have displayed the spirit of care for others and through your proactiveness, you manage to influence others to display good deeds too!


17 August 2017

We congratulate our former pupil, Zahara Binte Aziz Rahman, (presently a Sec 1 student at Raffles Girls' School) in attaining the Prime Minister's Book Prize. She has done the school proud by being one of the 12 awardees from the Primary Section who received the award from Mr. Ong Ye Kung - Minister for Education (Higher Education and Skills) and Second Minister for Defence. The Special Awards Ceremony was held at Singapore University of Technology and Design on Thursday, 17 August 2017.

The first awards of the PMBP were presented in 1974. The institution of this award was made possible by the late founding Prime Minister, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew. In 1973, he gave to the Ministry of Education the sum total of the lecture fees he received on an overseas tour, with the wish that the donation be used to promote effective bilingualism in our schools. This year, a total of 40 students from the the primary and secondary schools and junior colleges received this prestigious award on the basis of their outstanding bilingual performance.

Congratulations, Zahara for your outstanding bilingual performance!


25 March 2017

Huang Jing Yao Lemuel​ from Primary 4 Compassionate had won the silver award (2nd place) in the Singapore Minime Fencing Championships 2017, Under 10 Boys’ Foil Individual. He has done our school proud. Well done Lemuel! Keep up the good work!


Seth Low Yu Herng from 4 Compassionate and Johan from 2 Brilliant took part in the 2017 National Sailing Competition. Through this competition, they showed resilience and excellence. Well done, boys!



29 July 2016


We congratulate Kow Ming Yuan (6A), Zahara binte Aziz Rahman (6A) and Niqhil Julio Nazri (6A) for being one of the top 6 finalists in the Senoko Sustainability Challenge 2016!

The trio shared their project on energy conservation at the awards presentation on 29 July 2016 with many professionals, international delegates and other important people in the field of promoting sustainability in Singapore. Amongst these were Minister Masagos Zulkifli, minister for environment and water resources and Professor Leo Tan, professor of Department of Biological Sciences (DBS); director (Special Projects), Faculty of Science, NUS.

The children were indeed treated to an array of learning experiences, way beyond those found in the classrooms.

7 May 2015

On 7th May 2015, the Parent Support Group (PSG) members organised a Mothers’ Day Art and Craft sale. Crafts, made by pupils and the PSG members, were sold to the staff and pupils with the objective of donating the proceeds of the sale to the fund for our needy pupils. 

Yong Reytto Zavier, from Primary 1 Faithful, approached a PSG member during the sale and bought some items from her. Then, he quietly handed over to her a red packet with the message:

‘A little help from my savings to our needy friends in WSPS. God Bless.’  
From :  Reytto (1F)  

His unexpected action both surprised and touched the PSG member. We are indeed very proud of Reytto and hope that his exemplary behaviour will be an encouragement to others.

Ms Deborah Yue

10 March 2015

For me the joy of teaching is to see the character and the sweet milk of human kindness that a child can 
show to the all those round him or her.  And I have seen these in our pupils at White Sands Primary which really warms my heart towards them. 

It was recess and I instructed the class of Primary 6B where I teach Health Education this year to walk down the four storeys of stairs on their own as my knees were hurting me at that time. Walking along the corridor towards the staircase, a few boys approached me and urged me to take the lift while they walked down the stairs. They volunteered to help me with my things too. I was really touched by their thoughtfulness.

Walking along the corridor towards the staircase, a few boys approached me and urged me to take the lift while they walked down the stairs. They volunteered to help me with my things too. I was really touched by their thoughtfulness. 

 This same care and kindness was observed in November 2014. I had accidentally injured my leg after lessons and was in great pain. I told the primary two pupils to go back to their classes by themselves quietly while I rested for a few moments. To my surprise some of these pupils refused to go back to their classes because they wanted to take care of me until the pain subsided. They wanted to ensure that I would be fine. This certainly is a case where the mother hen is being protected by the chicks. Rio and Anissa even held my arms as I was walking.

Thank you Rio, Anissa, Lisa and Nurin. You have truly displayed the spirit of love and care for others and I am very proud of you. The acts of kindness showed spontaneously by such pupils augur well for the future of our nation and I assume that others have also experienced such wonderful actions by our pupils in White Sands. 

Mrs Goh Kim Joo
Flexi Adjunct Teacher

3 March 2015

At 2.20pm on 3 March 2015, Bryan Ng from Primary 6B, was spotted boarding the MRT train at Pasir Ris Station.  The coaches were fairly packed, leaving standing rooms only. He was observed by a member of the public, Mr Elendrus Osman, to have gone out of his way to offer his seat to the elderly. Despite having to do a balancing act (he was unable to hold on to the hand-support above him due to his height) between managing his heavy school bag on his back and holding a food container in his hands; he was on the look-out for any elderly who boarded the train and offered his seat. He made offers to about five or six elderly commuters.

Although, the majority of them declined due to short travel, one took the offer and was appreciative. Mr Osman reiterated that Bryan’s acts of kindness and his compassion towards the elderly are good habits for others to emulate and he thanked the school for instilling good values upon the students. 

Well Done, Bryan! 

We thank Mr Elendrus Osman for his email. We hope that with the support of parents and the community, we will be able to nurture all our pupils to practice our 4R School Values of Respect, Responsibility, Resilient and Rally Together.

25 July 2014


On 25 July, 2014, a parent left behind her handphone at the foyer. Muhd Darwish from 6Excellent found it and immediately and returned it to the General Office. Muhd Darwish is commended for his caring heart and displaying the value of Integrity, Respect and Responsibility.

8 January 2014

Zaqryl Aqyff B Zafrullah of Primary 5 Compassionate demonstrated Care, Responsiblility and Respect for others on 8 January 2014.  

He found a wallet containing a sizable amount of money in the canteen during recess and promptly handed it over to the General Office.

We are proud of Zaqryl Aqyff!

14 August 2013

We are very proud of these five boys from Primary One and Two who have displayed the spirit of care and White Sands Primary School Values of being Responsible, Resilient and Rallying Together.

On 14 August 2013, water was gushing out from one of the toilet pipes and flooding the toilet. The boys whoc came in one after another, tried hard to manage it but to no avail. 

Choo Pin Gao then decided to get help and met Mr Ng, our Principal, along the corridor.  He quickly updated Mr Ng who went to check out the situation and helped the boys to turn off the tap.

From Left to Right
Front: Nifail B Noorhaizam P2C,
Choo Pin Gao P1D, Harsha Vardhan 1F
Back:  Jaoquin Anthony P2A and
Naufal Affandi 1F

19 July 2013


Living up to the School Vision where "Character Shines" 

Terry Shan Tianyu P6 Diligent, was commended by a member of the public for his kind deed when helping a needy, handicapped, wheelchair bound elderly at Tampines MRT Station on 19 July 2013 while on his way to school.

We are very proud of Terry who had lived up to our CCE Vision of ‘Growing a Big Heart’ and displaying our 4R values- Respect, Responsible, Resilient and Rallying Together.