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Character Education

Character Education in WSPS
In WSPS, we believe that a sound character education programme will motivate our pupils to excel holistically, both in their academic subjects as well as individuals useful to the family, school, community and nation. Positive character traits such as a strong sense of responsibility, respect and resilience will guide pupils to focus on their studies and drive them to excel. Building a strong foundation in character will help our pupils to interact well with their teachers, peers and everyone in the school community and turn classrooms into a better learning environment.

Hallmark of a Whitesandian
At the end of their six years in White Sands Primary School, we hope to see our pupils being confident individuals with caring hearts and creative minds. 

They will exude the qualities of being responsible, respectful and able to rally together in times of need as well as resilient in times of adversities. 

They will ‘grow a big heart’ and be active contributors to the community and nation.

Developmental Discipline (DD) : Pupil Well-Being
Our DD programmes provide guidance to all our pupils and help them to manage expectations, learn the need to follow rules and understand that they have a choice when taking actions and the consequences of their choice and decision. There is an emphasis on proactive and positive disciplining. To guide our pupils in good decision making and nurture their social-emotional well-being, there are specially designed programmes to develop the social-emotional competencies of our pupils.

Our Character and Citizenship Education Programmes


Counselling and Special Needs Support
We believe that ‘Every child can learn’, and our Case Management Team plays a vital role in ensuring that our pupils with Special Learning Needs are promptly attended to through the various intervention strategies available.

There is a team of trained officers who dedicate their time to monitor closely the social emotional, behavioural and learning needs of our pupils. The AED (LBS) and AED (Counselling) work hand in hand with the school’s Case Management Team to attend to the various special needs of our pupils in partnership with parents and MOE specialists and private psychologists when necessary.