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Art Club

The Art Club is where students who are dedicated and passionate about visual arts channel their creative energies into learning about and producing artworks that are above and beyond what they cover in their weekly curriculum. Guided by teachers who are highly trained in the various art forms, students are encouraged to express themselves through a variety of mediums, to learn to speak for their artwork, to take part in various annual competitions and are also taught to guide and mentor their juniors by ensuring that no fellow member is left out or left behind. Aside from creating pieces as tokens of appreciation for esteemed Guests-of-Honour and respected visitors to the institution at various events, Art Club members also learn life-skills and partake in Values-in-Action activities by coming up with sales items to be sold during carnivals and by doing their part to prepare and man game booths to help raise funds for fellow needy pupils. Art Club members embody the notion that the ARTs is part of our heARTs.

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