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Applied Learning Programme ( ALP )


White Sands Primary school embarked on the ALP journey in the area of Coding and Computational Thinking. With ALP, we aim to nurture White Sandians to be digital citizens with computational thinking skills.

ALP at White Sands takes on the 2As (Acquirers and Achievers Tiers) Approach to develop students’ digital learning outcomes.

Key Programmes:

At the Acquirers Tier, the school provides broad-based programmes that are suitable for students of each level. Through this school-wide, progressive approach, students can appreciate how digital technologies work and acquire skills in using these digital tools to curate, create, communicate and collaborate with others responsibly.

At the Achievers Tier, students in the Computing club have opportunities to deepen their appreciation and understanding. They will be actively engaged to hone their skills and expand their knowledge in the area of digital making. For instance, Computing club members will apply coding and programming skills and knowledge to create games and animation.

Through these experiential and authentic learning, White Sandians will be able to experience self-discovery and Joy of Learning as they develop competencies and 21st Century skills for meaningful participation in an increasingly digitalised world. As we continue the ALP endeavour, White Sandians will be developed to become creative, self-directed, independent, passionate and intrinsically motivated learners.