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Global Outreach Programme


The Global Outreach Programme is a learning, experiential initiative to help deepen our students' global awareness and cross-cultural skills. The programme is designed to provide our students with wide learning experiences, to have a different outlook of the world and to strengthen their understanding of the region. On top of that, the programme helps students to be aware of the cultural sensitivities and to provide an opportunity for them to experience being ambassadors of Singapore.

Key Programmes:

The key focus of the programme is to raise greater awareness of the different cultures and societies in Asia, in particular our ASEAN neighbours. Since its inception in 2007, we have brought students from various backgrounds and CCA groups to China, Malaysia, Brunei and more. During the trips, students are exposed to a variety of experiences that allow them to participate in local school visits as well as visiting iconic cultural landmarks.

This programme is part of our core mission to nurture our students to be passionate learners with exemplary character who will lead with a heart and contribute to society. With this programme, we are confident to enable every White Sandian to achieve their best.