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C4RE Teacher Guidance Period/Assembly


The C4RE Teacher Guidance period (CTGP) is conducted once a week within the school’s curriculum time for all classes by all C4RE teachers. It supports the purposeful teacher-student interactions and the explicit teaching of social and emotional competencies. It is also a platform for teachers and students to establish good teacher-student relationships and to allow teachers to identify the needs of students so as to provide them with better support.

Key Programmes:

During CTGP, the following takes place:
-    Explicit teaching of social and emotional competencies (including issues such as Cyberwellness; and Education and Career Guidance).
-    Interactive Activities to enhance TSR (Teacher-Student Relationship) and SSR ( Student-Student Relationship)
-    Heart to Heart (H2H) sessions to foster better TSR through one-to-one interaction.
-    Sexuality Education (SEd) lessons for upper primary (Primary 5 & 6). 
-    Values in Action Programmes