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Student Leadership


It is our belief that every White Sands student is a leader. Anchoring on this, the school provides values-driven student leadership curriculum - Student Leadership Development (SLD) to develop our leaders to their full potential. Through the SLD, we envision that every student becomes an inspiring leader who leads with a heart and makes a positive difference to others.

Key Programmes:

Three Focus Areas of Leadership
The three focus areas of leadership are: Self, Peer and Community.

  1. Self Leadership for Primary 1 and 2 students:
    The focus is on growing the students’ capacity to achieve self-mastery and personal effectiveness. Through the leadership curriculum, students will grow in their desire, confidence and capacity to take ownership of one’s own growth and development.

  1. Peer Leadership for Primary 3 and 4 students:
    The focus is on growing students’ capacity to lead others with care and competence. This will be achieved through developing their dispositions and capacity to lead others.

  1. Service Leadership for Primary 5 and 6 students:
    The focus is on growing students’ capacity to put other people’s needs first before their own. This will be achieved through the discovery of meaningfulness to serve and lead others.

School’s Prefectorial Board
During the end of Term 3 every year, C4RE teachers from Primary 2 to Primary 5 will nominate deserving students to become Prefects. They will then go through group interviews to qualify for the next round of selection. The Prefects will go through the Prefect Investiture ceremony at the start of every academic year to mark their commitment to serve the school and their peers.

Leadership Training
Prefects will receive specific leadership training according to their levels. These skills enable the prefects to carry out their duties confidently and effectively.

Training Focus
Primary 3
Basic Leadership skills and Peer Leadership
Primary 4
Public Speaking, Communication skills and Peer Leadership
Primary 5
Project Management skills and Service Leadership
Primary 6
Mentoring, Communication skills and Service Leadership

Platforms for displaying leadership skills
Various platforms are provided for Prefects to display and hone their leadership skills.
  • Events-based: Prefects will be selected to be the emcees for various school events such as Prize-Giving Day, Teachers’ Day concert and Appreciation Day. They will also help out as ushers during Parents’ Briefing, P1 Orientation and Prize-Giving Day.
  • Student-Initiated Projects: Prefects will be given opportunities to come up with innovative ideas to improve the school community for self and others.
  • Values In Action (VIA): Prefects extend their contributions beyond school. They will carry out Values-In-Action projects. These projects help prefects to develop empathy for the needs of the community.

Appreciation and Recognition
An appreciation party will be held in Term 4 to celebrate the successes and milestones achieved for the year. This also serves as a platform for the school to recognise the contribution of the prefects.