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1.     White Sandians – Our Pupils, Our Pride

Our football and netball Co-Curricular Clubs have began their zonal competitions. We would like to congratulate our Senior Football Boys team for coming in third at the East Zone Inter-Primary School Football Championship.

2.     Supporting your child; being involved

Children benefit most when their parents are involved in their daily activities. Besides growing confidently, parents’ attitudes about education can also inspire their children and show their children how to take charge of their own educational journey. Thus, it is important to speak with your children, spend time with them and understand who they are as they grow. Here are some practical tips and suggestions that you may consider:

A. Parenting your child:

·       Recognise that your child has different needs at different milestones of his/her development

·       Make time to connect with your child and to show an interest in his/her daily activities by actively listening and gently guiding (for example, reading to or with your child)

·       Create an environment that is nurturing and affirming and look for opportunities to reinforce the values learnt at school

·       Spending quality time with them

B. Communicating with your child's school: Communicate with teachers to help you stay connected with your child’s progress, behaviours and achievements.

C. Learning at home: Encourage a positive learning attitude at home by fostering a love for life-long learning in your child.


More information can be also found at https://www.schoolbag.sg/story/how-can-i-be-ainvolved-parent

3.     Cyber Wellness Resources for Parents

The digital environment has become a significant part of our students’ lives. As such, it is important to develop Cyber Wellness capacity in our students such as demonstrating respect for self and others and practising safe and responsible use of the Internet. In addition to the Cyber Wellness lessons conducted in school, the Ministry of Education has prepared Cyber Wellness resources which you can use to reinforce the Cyber Wellness principles with your child/ward. Please refer to the school’s official social media page at https://www.facebook.com/whitesandsprimaryschoolofficial/ for more information. 

4.     Responsibility: Punctuality for flag raising and school

In line with the school value of responsibility, we seek parents’ support in ensuring that your child is at the school hall or classroom 10 minutes before the daily flag raising ceremony, which begins at 7.40 am. Besides imbuing the habit of punctuality and developing self-discipline and time management, the pupils will also be able to participate in the various pre-assembly activities conducted in the school hall or classroom on the different days. We would like to remind parents that pupils who report to school after 7.40 am will be considered as late for school. Thus we seek your partnership in this endeavour on the character building of our pupils.

5.     Snack Time

The school has been providing a short snack time for pupils during class lessons at 11.45 am. Besides helping ensure that pupils eat regularly for their overall well-being, we would also like to inculcate the habit of eating healthy food. As such, we seek your assistance in encouraging your child to bring healthy snacks such as whole fruits (for e.g. apples, grapes, etc), dried fruits, nuts and sandwiches instead of unhealthy options such as crackers, chips and cookies. We seek your support to ensure that the snack quantity is kept small and manageable for your child.

6.     Major Events and Holidays for Term 2




Monday, 15 April – Thursday, 18 April


For P4 & P6 pupils.

NAPFA will be after school on Monday 15 April & Tuesday 16 April. More details will be provided later.

Friday, 19 April

Good Friday

Public Holiday

Monday – Tuesday (after school):

29 - 30 April;

6 – 7 May



SA 1, Oral P6

SA 1, Oral P5

Please refer to handouts on Assessment Overview given in January with level letters.

Wednesday, 1 May

May Day

Public Holiday

Wednesday, 8 May – Thursday, 9 May

SA 1 Oral P3 & P4

Please refer to handouts on Assessment Overview given in January with level letters.

Monday, 13 May – Thursday, 23 May

SA 1 Written Papers

Monday, 20 May

Vesak Day

Public Holiday

Friday, 31 May

Parent Teacher Conference

For all grade levels. Details will be given separately.

Saturday, 1 June – Sunday, 30 June

Term 2 Vacation


7.     Future Distribution of In-Link Bulletins

As informed in January’s In-Link Bulletin (ILB), the school uses the Smart Notification Acknowledgement Console (SNAC) smartphone app for conveying messages and notifications to parents. To support the school’s efforts for the environment, we will be transiting to SNAC for future ILB and circular from April 2019. When a new ILB is available, a SNAC message will be sent to direct you to the electronic version of the ILB. Alternatively, you may also access the ILB from our school website at https://whitesandspri.moe.edu.sg/for-parents/in-link-bulletin.


Thus, we would like to seek your support to install and register for the SNAC app if you have not done so. Kindly refer to http://whitesandspri.moe.edu.sg/for-parents/snac for instructions on how to register. Also, a gentle reminder to download and log into the SNAC app if you are to change to a new mobile phone. We would like to thank you for your support for the school’s efforts of reducing paper usage for the environment.

Your partner-in-education,

Ms Audrey Wong

School Motto – Learn Grow Excel Together

School Values – Care, Respect, Responsibility, Resilience, Rallying together, Excellence (C4RE)