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Happy New Year

Dear Parents,

A very Happy New Year to our Chinese parents and students who are celebrating this occasion! Wishing all the prosperity and joy in the festive season.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for being on board the Parent’s Gateway (PG). Currently, we have a whole school take-up rate of close to 92%, with our parents of Primary 1 students nearly 100% on board. I would strongly encourage all our parents to come on board as this will be the main mode of communication between the school and you until your child completes his/her Secondary school education. 

On this note, I would also like to invite parents to attend our Schools-Parents Engagement and Communication Sessions (SPECS) in February. Details of the session has been sent out via PG to all. 

1.   Importance of home-school partnership

Research has shown that home-school partnership is correlated with the positive impact they can have on students’ motivation, engagement, behaviour, academic and social outcomes. As a parent/guardian, you are the key navigator in your child’s life journey. Having a close partnership with the school will help you to understand your child’s/ward’s learning experiences in school, so that you can provide him/her with the necessary support and reinforcement at home. Please refer to annex “Help Your Child Succeed In Life” for more information and tips.

The school has established many channels of communication with parents/guardians to enhance our partnership in delivering a holistic educational experience for our students, as reflected below:

·       Notification to parents (In-Link Bulletin via Parents’ Gateway/Information letters)

(As part of streamlining our processes, please note that the school will no longer issue Year Head letters.)

·       SPECS

·       Parent-Teacher Meetings (PTM)

·       Pupil Handbook 2020

·       Email address: wsps@moe.edu.sg

·       Telephone: 69229100

Let us also be mindful in our partnership efforts by extending graciousness and mutual understanding to one another in our interactions while showing appreciation and respect for our staff’s efforts.

2.   Safety of our students in school

We would like to thank our parents/guardians for your strong support and understanding in ensuring the safety and security of our students in the school. The movement of students in the morning and during dismissal has been smooth since the start of the academic year.

Parents/Guardians are reminded to sign in at the Security Post and get a Visitor’s Pass if they need to come into the school compound. With the Visitors’ Pass, parents/guardians can then proceed to make purchases at the book shop or report to the General Office to get assistance on any other matters. Parents/Guardians are not allowed to go to the other parts of the school, especially the classrooms.

We seek your understanding and support in these areas. 

3.   Group Personal Accident (GPA) Insurance for Pupils

The Ministry has purchased a Group Personal Accident (GPA) insurance plan from NTUC Income Insurance Co-operative Ltd for all pupils.  Information on claims, FAQs and other details pertaining to the GPA insurance plan can be found on NTUC Income’s website at https://www.income.com.sg/studentgpa.  Parents/Guardians may also refer to the attached GPA Product Factsheet 2020 on details of the benefits of the GPA insurance, claims procedures and contact persons from NTUC Income. 

 For claims submission, parents/guardians are to submit their claims online and check their claims status through the online portal https://studentgpa.incomegroupins.com.sg.  A user guide is attached for your reference.  

4.  Birthday Celebrations in School

We seek parents’/guardians’ understanding that the school does not allow parents/guardians to send food items, tidbits and cakes to school for your children’s birthday celebrations. While we appreciate the good intention of parents/guardians who wish to share the joy of your children’s birthdays with their classmates, we are concerned with food allergies and the consumption of unhealthy food. Your kind understanding and co-operation is greatly appreciated.

5.   Parenting workshop: Raising A Motivated and Resilient Child

As part of our collaboration with MWS (Methodist Welfare Service) Family Support Programme, we are pleased to present the inaugural bi-monthly parenting workshop. We would like to extend this invitation to all parents/guardians. Details of the workshop is as follows:

 Workshop: Raising A Motivated And Resilient Child

Speaker:    Mrs Wendy Chua-Sullivan, Founder and Managing Director of Wand Inspiration Network   

Date:          22 February 2020 (Saturday)

Time:         9am to 12pm (Registration will start at 8.15am)

Venue:       Dunman Secondary School AV Theatre

                   (21 Tampines Street 45, Singapore 529093)

Capacity:   200 participants (maximum)

Cost:         FREE!

 This is the link to register for the workshop: https://bit.ly/30z3iPH. Registration will close on 15 February 2020 (Saturday) at 11pm. For further enquiries, please email to MWSfsp@mws.sg.

6.   Student’s Learning Space (SLS)

Student’s Learning Space (SLS) is an online learning platform to support pupils in their learning. With SLS, pupils are able to learn anytime, anywhere and at their own pace. Teachers will also be able to use the SLS to complement their classroom teaching, further enriching students’ learning experience.

 The SLS is accessible through the Internet browsers on either Windows PC, Mac, iPad or Android tablets (with screen size larger than 7 inches for good user experience). However, the system is currently not optimized for use on these mobile devices.

 The school will be issuing a letter to all parents/guardians of P1 pupils to introduce them to SLS, as well as provide them with the SLS account details of their child in due course.

7.   P3 Gifted Education Programme (GEP) Identification Exercise 2020

Every year, MOE conducts the GEP Identification Exercise to identify suitable pupils with high intellectual potential. Test-preparation activities could inflate pupils’ scores and not reflect their actual potential. Pupils who are not ready to handle the intellectual rigour and demands of the programme will struggle with the enriched curriculum and not benefit fully from it. This would place undue stress on the pupils and may even cause them to lose confidence and impact their self-esteem. With this in mind, we would like to urge parents to avoid any test-preparation activity which could inflate the pupils’ scores and inaccurately reflect their suitability for the programme. 

The tentative schedule for the 2 stages of the GEP Identification Exercise 2020 is given below:

 GEP Screening Exercise




19 August (Wednesday)

English Language



Primary 3 pupils enrolled in government and government-aided schools


GEP Selection Exercise




20 & 21 October

(Tuesday & Wednesday)

English Language


General Ability


Primary 3 pupils shortlisted after the GEP Screening Exercise


The GEP Screening and Selection Exercises will be based on the Primary 1 to Primary 3 English Language and Mathematics syllabuses. 

Please note the following:

a)         Screening Exercise (Mathematics)

         All topics in the P3 Mathematics syllabus are included except for                     “Area and Perimeter”, “Geometry” and “Time”.


b)         Selection Exercise (Mathematics)

         All topics in the P3 Mathematics syllabus are included except for                                  “Angles” and “Perpendicular and Parallel Lines” in Geometry.

8.   Submission of the completed questionnaire from parents of P3 and P4 cohorts(Positive Parenting Programme (Triple P) and Signposts)

Your child would have received a questionnaire on Triple P and Signposts. A gentle reminder to parents to submit the questionnaire by Thursday, 6 February 2020. 

Below is a brief write-up on the purpose of the questionnaire:

During your child’s developmental years, you may from time to time encounter parenting challenges, from disobedience to temper tantrums. Some of these challenges may intensify over time, particularly when children reach their tweens (9-12 years old) and teens.  To support you in your journey towards building a confident and resilient child, and strengthening your parent-child relationship, our school is offering two evidence-based programmes - Positive Parenting Programme (Triple P) and Signposts.

There are different formats of Triple P and Signposts to cater to the different needs of parents.  A first step will be to complete the questionnaire so that a suitable format of Triple P/Signposts can be recommended for you.  More details about the programme are in the enclosed brochures and in this link: https://www.msf.gov.sg/media-room/Pages/Factsheet-on-Positive-Parenting-Programme-(Triple-P)-Pilot.aspx

Please return the completed questionnaire in the enclosed envelope (sealed) to your child’s Care Teacher. All information collected will be kept confidential. Please contact Mdm Bawany at 69229100 or email her at nadera_bawany@moe.edu.sg if you need more information.

9.   P5 Science Learning Journey at the Gardens by the Bay

The school will be organizing an educational field trip to engage students in hands-on experiential learning and real life examples in the natural world. The objective of the learning trip is to deepen the learning in the topics on reproduction in plants, photosynthesis and also learn about the environment-friendly features in the gardens. 

Date:   6 March 2020 Friday: 5A, 5B & 5C

12 March 2020 Thursday: 5D, 5E, 5F, 5G

Time:  1.30 p.m. to 5.30 p.m.

Kindly note that two-way transport between the school and Gardens by the Bay will be provided.

10.   P6 Malay Camp

Kem Petah Pintar aims to develop effective oral communication so as to inspire students to gain self-confidence and be well-equipped with the skills to interact with an audience. Using role-playing as a means of self-expression, the 7 hours camp will help students to develop good public speaking skills through TV hosting. 

The objectives of the camp are:

1. To encourage students to converse in Malay with confidence. 

2. To enable students to develop good public speaking skills. 

3. To enable students to efficiently distinguish the right approach for a formal and non- 

    formal setting.



Day 1: 6 February 2020, Thu (2.00 p.m. - 5.30 p.m.)

Day 2: 7 February 2020, Fri  (2.00 p.m. - 5.30 p.m.)

11.   Primary 6 Continual Assessment 1 (27 Feb – 4 Mar)

The P6 CA1 dates were shared in Jan In-Link Bulletin. Please see attached for the topics to be tested.

12.  Remedial for selected Primary 3 - Primary 6 students

The school will be commencing with remedial sessions for selected students who need additional support in Mathematics and Science.




Term 1 (starting from 4th Feb)

Pr 6

Term 2 (starting from 24th Mar)

Pr 3-5


Selected students will be informed via Parents’ Gateway. More details will be provided.

13.   Resilience: Managing Transitions

We hope your child has started adapting to a new semester and the school. As transition to a new environment or level may have its own challenges, you may want to be on the watch for signs of strain and stress. The following are some signs that may indicate your child needing some help:

      a)    repeatedly refusing to go to school

b)    throwing tantrums whenever school is mentioned

c)     recurring meltdowns when you try to bring them to school

d)    suffering separation anxiety and needing you more than they have in recent months or years

e)    changes in sleeping or eating habits


If you notice your child showing signs of concern with the transition, it’s important to talk to them about it. You can talk to the C4RE teachers in school who will be able to support further in making the transitions smoother. More information can also be found at https://www.schoolbag.sg/story/supporting-your-child-during-transitions

 In view of the evolving situation of the Novel Coronavirus (2019 nCoV), schools have been stepping up precautionary measures to ensure the safety of our students and staff. For updates on the situation, you can visit www.moh.gov.sg or sign up at go.gov.sg/whatsapp to receive the latest information via Whatspp.


Meanwhile, please take care and stay healthy. 

Your partner-in-education,

Ms Audrey Wong

School Motto – Learn Grow Excel Together

School Values – Care, Respect, Responsibility, Resilience, Rallying together, Excellence (C4RE)