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In Link Bulletin 


Dear Parents/ Guardians,Welcome back to Term 3 Part 2 of the school term! We trust that you and your child had a restful mid-term break. Following are some important information for your noting.  

1.  National Day Celebration

This year’s National Day theme: Together a Stronger Singapore, is a rallying call to Singaporeans to play our part to push forward and determine Singapore’s future, despite the difficulties and crises.

The school will be celebrating National Day on Friday, 7 August 2020. School hours will be curtailed. Students are to report to school as usual at 7.30am. Please see the staggered dismissal timings in the table below. Bus transport will be arranged for students taking the school  bus.

Dismissal timings



Primary 1


Primary 2


Primary 3


Primary 4


Primary 5


Primary 6


The students will go through about an hour of the National Day Programme and some time will be devoted to curriculum learning. Recesses and snack breaks are scheduled as per normal. P1 & 2 students will still have recesses in the classrooms.

To enhance the celebrative mood and atmosphere, students are strongly encouraged to come in red T-Shirt and school skirt/shorts. Students are encouraged to bring a small National flag on that day. 

2.  Primary 3 Gifted Education Programme (GEP) Screening Exercise

You would have received a notification on 17 July 2020, via Parent Gateway (PG) to indicate consent for your child to participate in this year’s Gifted Education Programme (GEP) Screening Exercise. The details of the screening are shown in the table below:



19  Aug (Wed)

English Language

8.15 a.m. – 9.30 a.m.



10.30 a.m. – 11.45 a.m.


Please be reminded that the deadline for you to indicate consent via PG is 5 August 2020, Pupil’s participation in the Screening Exercise is not compulsory, however, we encourage you to allow your child to take part. In addition, all results of pupils’ performance at the Screening Exercise are confidential and will not be released.As a gentle reminder, this programme provides enriched curriculum to cater the needs of pupils with high intellectual potential. With this in mind, we would like to urge parents to avoid any test-preparation activities which could inflate the pupils’ scores and inaccurately reflect their suitability for the programme. Pupils who are not ready to handle the intellectual rigour and demands of the programme will struggle with the enriched curriculum, causing undue stress on the pupils and impact their self-esteem.

Lastly, please note that 19 August 2020, is a regular school day. Pupils who have opted not to participate in the Screening Exercise are still expected to attend school.

3.  Positive Parenting Program® (Triple P)

Methodist Welfare Services Family Support Programme (MWS FSP) has been appointed by Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) to partner with our school, to conduct Positive Parenting Program® (Triple P). We are pleased to invite you to attend the Triple P Level 2 online webinars via Zoom. These online parenting webinars are free of charge as they are fully subsidised by MSF.

Triple P is one of the world’s most effective parenting programmes that equips parents with positive parenting skills. Not only has this programme been proven to improve children’s behaviours, it has also significantly improved parenting confidence and satisfaction. Triple P has helped parents build stronger relationships with their children. This programme was developed by clinical psychologist Prof Matt Sanders at the University of Queensland, with more than 40 years of ongoing research.

Please sign up by clicking on the hyperlink in Parents Gateway. Sign-ups are limited to the first 40 parents/couples for each school and will be on first come first serve basis. Kindly note that your full attendance for the three webinars will be required when you sign up for them. Once MWS FSP has confirmed your registration, you will receive an acknowledgment email. If you wish to cancel your registration, you may send an email to mwsfspeast@mws.sg so that the slot can be opened to other interested parents. More information, including the link to the Zoom webinar, will also be shared with you via your email address, which you have provided in the registration form. In the event that the webinar reaches full capacity, MWS FSP will contact you again for the next run of online webinars. Thank you.


*Please note Triple P International owns all copyrights to the information, videos or images used by the trainers in the webinars, except where otherwise stated. Reproducing, publishing/recording or distributing of any Triple P materials during the webinars will not be allowed.

4.  Major Events and Holidays for Month of August




10 Aug (Mon)

National Day School Holiday

School Holiday. No school for all levels

13 Aug (Thu)


P1-5 pupils do not need to report to school

14 Aug (Fri)


P1-5 pupils do not need to report to school

21 Aug (Fri)

Parents Engagement Session

For parents of P4 pupils only [Online]

5.  Safe Management Measures @ WSPS

As shared in the last In-Link, we would like to thank all parents for working hand in hand with the school in the implementation of Safe Measurement Measures (SMM) thus far, so that our school remains safe and conducive for all.

Below are the four key principles of SMM practices that the school has put in place since the re-opening of school in Term 3. Moving forward, and based on the national posture, we will continue to ensure the robust implementation of SMM and institute key strategies to keep our students and staff safe. Let’s continue to encourage our children to maintain good personal hygiene and to be responsible for themselves and others.

Stay safe and stay healthy! 

Your partner-in-education,

Ms Audrey Wong

School Motto – Learn Grow Excel Together

School Values – Care, Respect, Responsibility, Resilience, Rallying together, Excellence (C4RE)

Key Principle 1: Expect the maintenance of good personal hygiene


Left: Wearing of masks at all times

Right: 7-step handwashing routine before and after eating during recess or snack time

Key Principle 2: Minimise inter-mingling between groups


Left: Fixed exam style seating in class

Right: Designated seating area by class in the canteen

Key Principle 3: Decongest venues and maintain safe distancing



Left: Safe distancing of 1 metre as students walk into school

Centre: Safe distancing during PE lessons

Right: Safe distancing during recess as students queue to buy food

Key Principle 4: Exercise social responsibility


Left:  Visual screening during the arrival of students

Centre:  Daily temperature-taking in class at the start of school

Right:  Wipe down classroom routines