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  1. Is swimming compulsory for primary school students? 

    The ability to swim is a required learning outcome within the PE Syllabus 2014, thus all  primary schools are required to offer a swimming programme to their pupils. The swimming  programme is part of the broad-based movement education for all our pupils that covers a  variety of learning areas in PE. Through the swimming programme, the pupils will learn to be  water-safe and acquire life-long swimming skills.

  2. Can I opt my child out of the swimming programme?

    The ability to swim is part of movement education within the Physical Education (PE)  Syllabus 2014. Furthermore, water safety and water survival skills are essential for a child’s  safety. Hence, all pupils are required to participate in the swimming programme unless there  are strong medical reasons for the child to be exempted. Permission for exemption must be  sought from the school.

  3. Can my child be exempted from the school swimming programme if he/she already possesses Swimsafer Stage 1 certification?

    No. Children with SwimSafer Stage 1 certification should move on to Stage 2 or higher in  order to acquire the necessary swimming skills.

  4. What is the swimming programme like?

    07 20 – Reporting time
    07 40 – Travel to the Swimming Complex 

    08 15 – Swimming starts
    09 35 – Rinse & Change
    09 55 – Return to school
    10 15 – Recess break

  5. Can my child report to school at 10 45 if he/she is exempted from the school swimming programme?

    No. Children who are exempted from the school swimming programme will be engaged in PE-related activities in the school.

  6. Can my child report straight to the swimming pool for the swimming lesson since we live near the swimming pool?

    Yes. Arrangement can be made with the class PE teacher prior to the start of the programme. The arrangement should be fixed for all the swimming sessions.

  7. Do I need to pay for the swimming programme?

    No. The programme is fully sponsored by Singapore Sports and Ministry of Education. 

  8. Why is my child, who has attained a swimming award previously, allocated for a lower stage in the Swimsafer 2.0 programme?

    SwimSafer 2.0 programme aims to equip participants with a more rigorous water survival and swimming competency skills. Hence, the assessment requirement in SwimSafer 2.0 programme may be more challenging.

    Specific details of each stage can be found at  https://www.myactivesg.com/Programmes/Swim-Safer-Programme-For-Children

  9. What is the criteria to receive a stage certification?

    Your child is required to pass a practical assessment and an online theory quiz. He/She will need to pass the online theory quiz administered through the ActiveSG