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Art Club

The White Sands Primary School Art Club is made up of students who have a passion and inclination towards the area of Visual Arts along with the correct aptitude towards hard work, risk taking and the tenacity to face adversity with the intent of overcoming it. Art Club members learn to develop the confidence they need to stand by their creations and its message.

The club has always aimed to encourage students to think creatively, critically and independently. Our members are encouraged to always display the school values above all else. Through experienced teacher facilitators, our members discover and learn skills and techniques that are not covered within the normal Art Curriculum while at the same time have the opportunity to counter obstacles with problem solving skills.

Our members have consistently produced artworks of quality. Our most recent piece, an interactive artwork entitled ‘Communal Art’; conceptualised, curated and created by our P5 and P6 members and inspired by 2 different artists and art forms, was selected for extended display at the Lobby of MOE HQ in Buona Vista.
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