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Environmental Science

There is only one Earth, and our resources are limited. Hence, protecting the environment should be our responsibility. The Environmental Club believes that it can make a difference and takes ownership of the environment, ensuring that the world we live in is clean and livable. As such, the club actively seeks ways to impart the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to become environmentally responsible citizens of tomorrow at an early age.

With an increased awareness of environmental issues and a desire to educate those around us, our members are thus able to organize and lead some environmental activities and events in the school.

In order for our members to better understand their roles and responsibilities as the environmental ambassadors of their school and community, our members take part in programmes such as Youth for the Environment Day (YED), Earth Hour, World Water Day and the National Youth Upcycling Movement.

The Environmental Club also actively brings learning outside the classroom, where members are given the opportunity to go on learning journeys to experience and gain insight on the environmental issues that Singapore faces.

By participating in these programmes, our club members develop important 21st century competencies such as critical thinking skills, communication skills and global awareness of environmental issues affecting them.
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