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Infocomm Technology (Media Production)

eJ@WS stands for “e-Journalism at White Sands”. At eJ@WS club, we aim to nurture our pupils to become well-informed and concerned citizens, who are critical thinkers and able to communicate effectively through e-Journalism.

Over a period of 4 years, eJ@WS club members will acquire knowledge and skills of both photojournalism and video-journalism. Our eJ@WS members take part in hands-on activities and participate in individual/ group projects to create digital products. By teaching students practical techniques of photography and videography, learning is purposeful and our members truly experience the joy of learning.

In addition, eJ@WS club members will have the opportunities to display their photography and videography talent through school-based assignments, coverage of school events and happenings, and taking part in nationwide competitions (for instance, Our School, Our Stories). The students will be able to apply what they have learned in real life and be a part of digital making.

Through our meaningful activities and experiences, we hope to instil the school’s core values of C4RE in our pupils and nurture them to become confident and independent individuals.
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