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Football Girls

White Sands Primary School Football Girls is a CCA that builds our players’ agility, resilience and team spirit. As beginning players, our girls acquire self-management competencies such as care and responsibility. As they become more experienced, the girls acquire social competencies such as responsible decision-making, relationship management, critical thinking, communication skills and collaboration skills to work well as a team. The senior girls mentor their juniors, sharing valuable experience, act as opponents and cheer them on. Our committed teachers and coach encourage our players to take care of one another, reflect upon their performance for improvement, display good sporting spirit and live up to our school values.

At Primary 3 and 4, our girls are in the development team and they participate in friendly matches for the game exposure. Some of the stronger Primary 4 players will be identified to join the school team which comprises Primary 4, 5 and 6 players. Our school team girls participate in the annual Football Girls National Championships.

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