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Chinese Dance

Since 1998, the White Sands Primary School Chinese Dance CCA has developed numerous generations of students with an appreciation for the arts. Our students come together to perform this culturally sensitive artform together, in celebration of its rich traditional culture. In this vibrant environment, students will be given opportunities to learn the basics of Chinese dance, the history behind the dances before advancing to the more technical aspect of it.

In Chinese Dance CCA, apart from presenting opportunities for students to students at various platforms, students will also be able to improve on their relationship management while learning to work together with others during the learning and practicing of the dance. Students will learn how to self-manage their own emotions and work on their own individual capabilities, as well as group coordination, to come together to perform for all.

Senior students get to mentor the younger ones over the years and in time build a virtuous and healthy cycle of welcoming and encouraging new students. The CCA aims to raise the dancers’ self-esteem and recognise their own capabilities. Not leaving anyone behind, every student will be given an opportunity to showcase her ability during school events (e.g. Teacher’s day, Prize Giving Day, Heartshine) and public events.

Events and Activities

2016 Marina Bay

Chinese dance7.jpg
Chinese dance8.jpg
2016 HeartShine Fiesta

Chinese dance3.jpg Chinese dance4.jpg

2017 Children’s Day Celebration

Chinese dance10.jpg
2018 Singapore Youth Festival

Chinese dance9.jpg
2019 Prize Giving Day

Chinese dance14.jpg
Our dancer and costume

Chinese dance1.jpg Chinese dance2.jpg
Chinese dance13.jpg Chinese dance12.jpg