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The White Sands School Choir is made up of Primary 3 to Primary 6 students. During choir practices, members work on vocal warm-ups and also use hand sign solfege to help them learn the songs. They also learn how to read the music scores.

The Choir CCA provides the members with a platform to discover their interests and talents. Additionally, there are opportunities for them to achieve social and emotional competencies like self and social awareness. The members also acquire self and relationship management skills through the routine practices and the buddy system. Senior members are given the task to be buddies to the juniors so as to develop leadership while encouraging bonding and positive working relationships.

Our choir members are exposed to wide genres of choral music, choral skills and techniques. They learn to sing songs from different cultures, promote language learning and develop cross-cultural understanding.

The WSPS school choir has been taking part in the Singapore Youth Festival presentation as well as Racial Harmony and National Day Events organized by grassroots organisations. They also perform for school events such as the annual Heartshine and Prize-Giving Day.
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