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Gu Zheng

Our Guzheng Ensemble aims to instill in our students an appreciation for Chinese culture through the learning of a traditional Chinese instrument. Students demonstrate values of resilience, respect and care as they rally together as a team to train their coordination, focus and musical talent. Besides the usual Guzheng practices, Guzheng appreciation lessons and team building activities are also incorporated in the CCA to inject fun, love and comradeship among the students.

Through the various platforms available to perform e.g Chinese New Year celebration, Singapore Youth Festival, our students are given opportunities to showcase their talents which helps to build their level of confidence.

Mid Autumn Festival

Mid Autumn Festival-1.jpg Mid Autumn Festival-2.jpg

HeartShine Fiesta

HeartShine Fiesta.jpg
Singapore Youth Festival

Singapore Youth Festival-1.jpg Singapore Youth Festival-2.jpg

Guzheng Appreciation Lesson

Guzheng Appreciation Lesson-1.jpg Guzheng Appreciation Lesson-2.jpg

Team building Activities / Sharing sessions

Team building Activities_Sharing sessions1.jpg Team building Activities_Sharing sessions2.jpg