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The Art & Music Instructional Programme addresses the requirements of the Primary Art and Crafts; and the General Music Syllabus at all levels. History, heritage and ICT are integrated into the curriculum to align with the school’s strategic goals.

Key Programmes

The key feature of Visual Art is to acquire basic competence in handling 2 and 3-Dimensional media and explore different ways of using art materials, describe visual and tactile qualities in nature, objects and artworks in addition to creating artworks. Art Appreciation is infused into the curriculum to teach students how to talk about art using basic art vocabulary and develop confidence in articulating their thoughts about Art. To encourage students to have pride in their work and provide an avenue to showcase good work, students’ artworks are displayed around the school as well as presented in the online gallery via Padlet.

In Music lessons, students’ listening skills and musical understanding are developed through exposure to a broad range of music. Students express themselves in music making activities such as singing and instrumental playing. They explore links between music and their daily lives through listening, performing and creating activities. They learnt basic sequencing skills to create their own music as well as record sounds digitally through the use of GarageBand and Incredibox.

Students engage in formative, self and peer assessment through the use of checklists and rubrics to achieve improvement in their creating and performing abilities.

Activities such as Art and Music Play@Recess, My Stage, learning journeys to museums and SYF Art Exhibition are organised for students to enjoy the Arts.