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At White Sands Primary School, we strive to develop students who are active users and effective communicators of their Mother Tongue Language (MTL), passionate about their cultural heritage.

Key Programmes

Mother Tongue Language Fortnight

Mooted in 2011, this 2-week long event is aimed at creating an immersive environment for the learning of mother tongue languages. During the two consecutive weeks, a wide range of activities related to CL/ML/TL language and culture are conducted. These activities provide authentic opportunities for students to use their mother tongue language and experience the culture.

MT Cultural and Language Camps

Together with MTL fortnight to provide an immersive environment for the learning of the MTL. Interesting activities are organised as part of the camp programme to promote interest in the learning of MTL beyond the classrooms.

Learning Journeys

These Learning Journeys are organised for all Tamil students to provide an opportunity for the learning of the Tamil Language beyond the school. Interesting hands on activities are conducted during these journeys and students will be exposed to the rich Indian culture.