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Physical Education


Through the six years of PE Education in White Sands Primary School, every White Sandian will learn sound fundamental skills to be competent movers, lead an active healthy lifestyle, and build school values such as care, respect, responsibility, resilience and rallying together and excellence.

For PE lessons, students will learn different modules such as Sports & Games, Gymnastics, Dance, Outdoor Education and Physical Health Fitness to further strengthen their experiential learning in a safe environment.

Key Programmes

Programme for Active Learning (PAL)

Primary 1 and Primary 2 students will have differentiated learning experiences through the Programme for Active Learning (PAL). They will learn 21st Century competency skills where SEL competencies are being infused into the lessons.

Outdoor Education Programme

The objectives of outdoor education programme are to build our students’ confidence and resilience through the various outdoor activities. These activities will also enable them to appreciate diversity in the teams, thus forging camaraderie with one another through the common outdoor experiences they have. Students will also cultivate responsible citizenry and affinity for Singapore through this outdoor education programme and lay the foundation for active & healthy living.

Primary 1

Students learn about moving around the environment and are able to identify hazards and obstacles around them.

Primary 2

Students learn to build competency in assessing and managing risk while moving around school, having the sense of place. They also learn to develop social awareness by working together in groups.

Primary 3

Students would have their SwimSafer Programme and experience P3 Day Camp. They learn about communal living and doing activities together such as Longkang fishing, team building activities. As we know, outdoor school programmes, such as adventure camps, build resilience and character through mental and physical challenges.

Primary 4

Students would have their 3 Days 2 Nights adventure camp where they build resilience and character through mental and physical challenges such as attempting the high elements, caving, bouldering, rock-climbing.

Experiencing high elements at a camp.png
Experiencing high elements at a camp

The process of overcoming their fears and challenging their limits helps students acquire important life skills, including communication and problem-solving skills.

Trekking in groups and learning team building.png
Trekking in groups and learning team building

Mini-campfire where students did their reflection within the groups.png
Mini-campfire where students did their reflection within the groups.

Primary 5

Students will undergo Kayaking as another water experience to build water confidence and camaraderie spirit.

Kayaking water experience.png

Primary 6

Students would usually trek to MacRitchie Reservoir.

MacRitchie Reservoir.png

The students will have 2 different routes to trek as they walk through the vegetation. They are to listen and observe the surroundings.