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Applied learning programme (ALP)

At White Sands Primary School, nurturing creative, self-directed learners and confident communicators through Digital Media is the key focus of our Applied Learning Programme.

The ALP in White Sands Primary School takes on a school-wide, progressive approach which harnesses ICT to increase pupils' Joy of Learning, facilitate their development and enhance their understanding. 

The school wide curriculum in digital media takes place in the Aesthetics curriculum. Pupils are involved by creating their own music tracks during Music lessons, artistically and collaboratively create digital media artworks during Art lessons.

White Sands Primary School aims to develop every White Sandians into a confident person who communicates effectively, in line with MOE’s 21st Century skills and student outcomes. In this digital age where social media has changed the way people interact and communicate, we aim to harness the good of digital media to help us nurture effective communicators who are confident and responsible.

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The school’s new media club builds on the baseline ICT experience provided within school curriculum and further develops pupils’ ICT mastery and knowledge in digital media by exposing them to more diverse mean of digital media like game creation, photography. 

Our endeavors in Digital Media in Aesthetics and languages underpin the holistic education the school provides, and equip pupils with life-ready competencies such as creativity, innovation, cross-cultural understanding and resilience.