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Global Outreach

As articulated in the school’s overall Strategic Plan for NE, we are committed to our goal of promoting a culture where staff and pupils portray the values, attitudes and behavior that reflect a strong Singaporean identity. Due to the rapid increase in cross-border social, cultural and technological exchanges, there exists a greater need than before for younger Singaporeans to develop a global outlook.

The NE philosophy of the school – we are key to the success of Singapore, tells us that it is not enough to know the Singapore Story, for we need to strengthen pupils’ sense of belonging and rooted-ness to Singapore.  Our staff and pupils are given the opportunities to expand their world view. Hence, it is opportune for us to heighten their consciousness of Singapore’s position relative to her global counterparts.

WSPS’ Global Outreach is one initiative that will help the school in its journey to be a vibrant school of distinction where staff and students are motivated to meet the global challenges of life and work. 

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