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  1. To enjoy art
  2. To communicate visually
  3. To make meaning through connecting with society and culture.

Key Programmes

star.gif Digital Art Module

The art curriculum in primary schools provides the foundation for all primary students to understand art as a way of learning about themselves and the world around them. It will also allow students to advance their art education at lower secondary level and beyond if they so aspire. The fundamentals and areas of study built through the primary syllabus will spiral upwards to the higher levels through further extension and deepening of experiences in tandem with the growth of students’ developmental capacities and interests. It is therefore critical for all students to have access to quality art education in the primary school.

White Sands Primary School’s Art Department Key Programmes:

Primary 1    Drawing & Painting of my Dream Home

Primary 2    Secret Identity ( Collage on 3D mark)

Primary 3    Creative Drawing

                     Using Non-standard items of Art to draw

                     Eg. String, beads, masking tape

Primary 4    Coiled pots using Natural Clay

Primary 5    Stop Motion Animation

Primary 6    Sand Animation

Music Module

The Music Department of White Sands Primary School presents you with ensembles and performances. Our students have a rewarding musical experience, collaborating with their classmates to sing and dance together. Besides working with percussion instruments, our students get to use an array of musical instruments such as ukuleles, angklung, xylophones and keyboards.

Technology is also not forgotten as pupils get a chance to explore digital orchestra through the use of ipads. Students are given opportunity to explore rhythm and meter with Jazz dance and use their singing voices for group performances.

White Sands Primary School Music Key Programmes:

Primary 1               Students explore percussion instruments and group singing

Primary 2               Students explore percussion instruments, group singing and Jazz Dance

Primary 3               Students explore xylophones, ethnic drums and angklungs

Primary 4               Students explore xylophones, creating music with ipads and keyboards

Primary 5 and 6    Students explore ukuleles with pop song and creating music with ipads