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1. To develop in pupils an appreciation for music and arts.
2. To inculcate critical thinking skills and creativity through art and music making.

Key Programmes

star.gif Digital Art Module

The dance modules would play an instrumental role in establishing pupils' initial dance aptitudes and abilities, and to serve as a tool for talent identification. Accorded with the Applied Learning in New Media, the art curriculum in White Sands Primary School infuses the elements of digital art making skills. The digital module provides an introduction to a growing career area in the fields of digital entertainment, computerised graphics and animation.

The program's objective is to combine traditional artistic skills and interests to develop creative talents equipped with the foundation skills to explore the area of ICT. Pupils learn artistic works or practice that uses digital technology as an essential part of the creative or presentation process. Pupils are exposed to the impact of digital technology in transforming traditional arts such as painting, drawing and sculpturing.


CSTD Jazz Dance Module

 Jazz dance combines rhythm, expression and technique with aspects of a variety of popular and street music, using the body as an instrument to interpret the various styles. Pupils develop skills in rhythm, combined with strength, flexibility through the module. Pupils are taught based on the exam syllabus of the Commonwealth Society for Teachers for Dancing (CSTD). The CSTD offers an internationally recognized portfolio of examinations designed to motivate and encourage pupils of all ages and levels of ability, through a systematic measurement of progress. Upon the completion of the module, pupils have the option to be accredited for their achievements by taking a dance exam conducted in school.