To develop pupils with the confidence to be active and creative users of the English Language and who use it proficiently and effectively in their daily interactions both in the written as well as the spoken form.

Key Programmes

star.gifExpression Class

The Expressions Class has been implemented for high ability English learners to nurture confident speakers who are creative and love to explore the English Language. Pupils are identified to join the program based on their aptitude and interest. Their talents are further developed and stretched through interesting English lessons incorporating literature and drama. They sit for the London Trinity College of Speech & Drama Performance Assessment at the end of each year. They are also given various platforms to showcase their talents.

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star.gifKidsRead Programme

A collaborative project with the National Library Board (NLB) Our dedicated parent volunteers implement and support this program which promotes the love of reading and cultivates good reading habits among young children. Our pupils enjoy story-telling sessions by the parent volunteers & NLB facilitators. They take turns to share a story and record new words learnt. They also enjoy creative craft. NLB provides training for parents and also organizes interesting learning journeys for the children.

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