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Information and Communication Technology

1. To create a digital environment ready for the next century
2. To enhance pupils’ learning experiences, preparing them as future-ready and responsible digital learners
3. To empower teachers as designers of learning experiences and environment

Key Programmes

star.gifICT Training

The school integrates ICT training for pupils in the curriculum to provide for quality learning in the hands of every learner.  Technology is utilised to engage students in learning anywhere and anytime. Teachers will design different learning experiences to provide equal learning opportunities for pupils to develop their ICT skills and further develop their personal mastery through the various enriching programs and activities.

star.gifCyber Wellness

Cyber Wellness (CW) refers to the positive well-being of Internet users. It involves an understanding of online behaviour and awareness of how to protect oneself in cyberspace.

The focus of CW is about helping students to become responsible digital learners. When navigating cyberspace, students should demonstrate respect for self and others and practise safe and responsible use.

Students should also be a positive peer influence by harnessing technology for collaboration, learning and productivity, as well as advocating positive use of technology for the good of the community.

cyberwellness framework.jpg

MOE’s Cyber Wellness Framework