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Chinese Language

Key Programmes


P1/P2 Reading Programme 

This programme aims to increase the interest of P1 and P2 pupils in reading Chinese books through activities like story-telling, bookmark making competitions, book cover competition etc. Pupils also collect tokens for books that they read and these tokens can be exchanged for rewards.

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star.gif Di Zi Gui 

Di Zi Gui is a book about Confucius teachings that highlights virtuous moral values as well as vivid anecdotes. It comprises 360 phrases of good values, correct behaviours and good habits. We have selected 80 phrases from the book, to expose pupils to the following values: Respecting their elders, cultivating good habits in their daily lives, knowing and understanding basic mannerisms and the cultivation of good moral values. As part of our efforts to build positive character traits, all P1 pupils taking Chinese as a Second Language will be involved in a Character Education programme using Di Zi Gui

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Useful Resources