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Physical (Health) Education

1. The school’s PE programme seeks to develop in each student the ability to:
2. Perform and enjoy a variety of physical activities with understanding.
3. Develop and maintain physical health and fitness through regular participation in physical activities.
4. Demonstrate the spirit of fair play, teamwork and sportsmanship.

Key Programmes

star.gif Health and Wellness Programme 

The programme aims to promote a healthy and active lifestyle among all pupils. Assembly talks on Physical, Health Education, sports safety and nutrition are usually conducted in the beginning of the year to create awareness of the importance of healthy living. Physical and Health programmes are organised throughout the year in the promotion of active and healthy lifestyle.

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star.gifOutdoor Education Programme 

Outdoor Education offers authentic learning setting to pick up life skills. At P1&2, the Outdoor PAL module is the pupils’ first exposure to Outdoor Education. Some of the activities include telling direction, simple map reading skills and tying of useful knots.

At Primary 3, pupils participate in the swim safer programme. This swimming programme and water confidence is carried out to prepare the pupils for the water based programmes for the following years. 

At Primary 4, all pupils are taken out of the classrooms for a comprehensive Outdoor Camp experience. At the camp, not only important life skills are learnt, pupils’ self-confidence and resilience are also developed.  At P5 & 6, the pupils participate in Kayaking and Rafting programmes respectively. This is where teamwork and communication skills are essential as they work with their peers to complete the task at hand.

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