Aims :

The Primary Science Syllabus aims to inculcate the spirit of scientific inquiry through knowledge, skills and attitudes based on 5 main themes of Cycles, Diversity, Energy, Interactions and Systems. These themes provide opportunities for students to apply concepts and integrate skills and processes to inquire about things and phenomena happening around them. 


1. Provide primary students with experiences which build on their interest in and stimulate their curiosity about their environment
2. Provide students with basic scientific terms and concepts to help them understand themselves and the world around them
3. Prepare students towards using scientific knowledge and methods in making personal decisions
4. Help students appreciate how science influences people and the environment

Key Programmes  

star.gif Excellence 2000 (E2K)

E2K is a collaborative programme between WSPS and the Gifted Education Branch (GEB). It complements the department’s aim to promote inquiry learning by: 

  • Developing scientific thinking and reasoning
  • Acquiring habits, attitudes and dispositions of scientists
  • Developing 21st century competencies

Through the programme, Science ideas and concepts are introduced to the students through the inductive approach and students get to work on research topics and protocols, replicating the creation process of scientists.

Sci - E2k3.jpg

Science is FUNstar.gif

Science is Fun is a Semestral assembly programme conducted by the Science Department. Through an array of Science-related activities planned by the teachers, students get to discover the application of Science in our everyday lives. When students’ interests in Science are piqued, they are motivated to find out more about the concepts introduced on their own.

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