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Fathers@School is a key initiative and part of a larger vision for the Dads for Life movement which provides opportunities to engage fathers to be involved in their children’s lives.

White Sands Primary School launched its first Fathers@School activity in September 2010 with a group of 8 dedicated fathers. Today, this number as ballooned to more than 30 enthusiastic and committed fathers who work together to heighten the spirit of learning and camaraderie amongst the team members and engage all fathers in WSPS in planned activities.

Programmes planned for FamilyMatters@School are conducted with the following objectives:
- Promote father-child bonding
- Equip fathers with parenting and marriage skills
- Enable fathers to help other fathers become active contributors to the school.

Key Programme:

The group of fathers in the Fathers@School programme organises events that are exciting, engaging and effective to bring out the best father-child moments and everlasting memories. They also actively engage and participate in all school activities and celebrations like HeArtshine, Teacher’s Day, Children’s Day and other key school events. They have a planned programme of activities at least once a term to promote bonding between father and child and parenting talks for fathers.

The WSPS community of fathers also provide support for each other through Fathers@WSPS closed Facebook page and WhatsApp chat group. They organise regular get together sessions such as ‘makan’ sessions, coffee get together & family gatherings which help to forge brotherhood among members of the group. Fathers@WSPS is an active group of fathers who continuously seek to partner the school for the benefit of our pupils and nurture them to grow to be happy students with exemplary characters.