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Parent Support Group

The PSG complements the school by aligning with the school’s objectives, supporting and strengthening the school’s programmes to support the students’ well-being and learning. PSG plays a key role in engaging and bringing together parents who wish to contribute their time, effort, knowledge and skills towards creating a holistic educational and developmental experience for the children during their time in WSPS.

Our Mission

Forming a successful parent-school partnership that is well integrated with the school's overall mission in nurturing our children

Our Objectives

  • promote a collaborative relationship between parents and school
  • provide opportunities for the parents to volunteer their services to support the school to strengthen school-based activities
  • provide constructive input on school policies and goals, practices and programmes
  • support parents in their parenting journey via suitable avenues.

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Key Involvement:

The PSG supports school programmes and events such as HeArtshine, Teachers’ Day and Children’s Day. They have a planned programme of activities at least once a semester to promote bonding between parent and child. With the knowledge, support, and expertise rendered by the PSG, their hope is to encourage the children to be more motivated to manage their own personal growth, be more engaged in learning both within and outside of the classroom and experience the joy of learning.

Highlights of past activities:

1) International Friendship Day 2022
PSG members demonstrated their dynamism through their active participation in this event by depicting their cultures via photographs and artefacts. These photographs and artefacts were displayed as an exhbition at the canteen area and White Sandians could be seen excitedly viewing the exhibits and interacting with the artefacts.

2) Teachers Day 2021
PSG members surprised the teachers with a holiday-themed photo booth, decked with handmade props including crafted passports for the enthuasiastic ‘travelers’. These props required time and effort, especially during this period where strict social distancing measures had to be adhered to but members rallied together and were able to complete them in a short period of time. In addition, the PSG members produced a video featuring current and former White Sandians sending well wishes to their beloved teachers on this special day of the year.

3) Racial Harmony Day 2021
PSG collaborated with the school to commemorate Racial Harmony Day by featuring PSG members along with their children in a video which showcased their unique delicacies of the various races. Through sharing their family’s recipes, PSG hopes to contribute to the fostering of social cohesion in the school.

4) International Friendship Day 2021

Celebrating International Friendship Day 2021 in social distancing style, PSG presented a video montage with a FRIENDSHIP message.

5) Mother’s Day 2021

One of the annual signature programmes by PSG, many members participated actively by creating handmade craft with intricate designs for the Mother’s Day Sale in school. By making Mother’s Day gifts which are affordable for all, PSG hopes to promote the mindset of gratitude in our White Sandians where students could show their appreciation on this special day each year.